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Mid Week Reset

Mid Week Reset

Taught By Yoga Beach Guru -Namaste
Mid Week Reset
Tired of being beat up mid week at work?
Feeling unmotivated?
Feeling overwhelmed?
Do you have that stress on Wednesday's knowing there are still 2 long days left?
We know that feeling all too well...
We are here to help you do something about it
Top strategies suggest doing things that make you feel back in your comfort zone like watching your favorite movie, talking to a family member, organizing around the house, and even getting a massage (Duh!). 
The thing is it all boils down to one thing....your sleep....you need to get more sleep to be able to perform at your best.
Think if you could sleep in, until the time you wanted to EVERYDAY....then you would be your BEST.....why not always perform on that level......your BEST LEVEL...... imagine how much further you could go! 
Now realize that all it takes to reset you to your best level is ONE great night of sleep.
The 2017 Nobel Prize for Medicine even was given to the "Circadian Clock" and how we are going against everything our body was design for.
Get the advantage by going to bed "A little early".
You won't regret it.
Yoga Beach Guru


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